Moto Capra was founded with the objective of providing both the best motorcycle riding experience and the best chance to explore the great outdoors, all in one single motorcycle tour.

All our motorcycle guides have years of experience leading tours in the US and internationally; all speak at least two languages, and all are fueled by a passion for the great outdoors. You should come and meet them in the Moto Capra they have created.


Founder and Chief Moto Explorer


Teke was introduced to the world of motorcycles circa 1994. Since then, he has ridden countless brands with a track record exceeding 310K miles!

Accompanied by his extensive experience with different models, Teke brings over 29 years of general technical expertise as well as specialized knowledge of BMW bikes.

He has traveled to various parts of the world facing all kinds of weather conditions. He has also served in cofounder and leadership roles for a multitude of motorcycle clubs both in Turkey and US.

He toured 48 of the 50 US States mainly on motorcycles — and typically preferring adventure roads.

In October 2019, he started Motocopra to share his experiences and adventures with others.

His education and experience include:
* BMW Riders Academy
* MSF Riders Course